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About Byala

Byala is a small seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is located 50 kilometers south of Varna and 79 kilometers north of Burgas. This charming resort is situated in a semi-mountainous region in the east of Stara Planina. The sea, the sun and the temperate climate, as well as a romantic atmosphere of the resorts historical traditions you will find a culture loyal to the wine industry. The history of the town, which is known as a vine and wine center, dates back to the 3rd centry before Christ. A castle which is thought to be very old but not dated, and on secluded beaches theres white rocks which contain fossils from the dinosaur periods form the witnesses of the mysterious history of the area. The local white wine produced by white grapes are of stable quality and Byala is one of the richest Bulgarian resorts that have contrıbuted to the country's economy. The small harbor on the shore, where you will encounter small boats and yachts, has a spectacular view and spectacular beaches. There is crystal clear sea and sandy beaches and a region with large leafy forests. The length of the beach area of the resort, which is one of the most tourist destinations of the country, is 6 kilometers long. The north coast is famous for its fine white sands and lagoons, and the central beach is one of the most preferred places in the resort. You can find many restaurants and holiday facilities on this beach. You can watch the most beautiful sunset in the rugged region French hill area. Only 6 kilometers from Byala, these hills are a great combination of mountain and sea views. One of the beaches where there are still untouched places and where many places are believed to be unknown is called Karadere, which is located very close to Byala. And also in this region freshwater wetlands Obzor is another seaside resort famous for its entertainment, shopping areas and outdoor facilities and here is only 5 kilometers away from the resort which you can reach by foot. Fish is caught daily from the Black Sea and you can enjoy traditional Bulgarian dishes at Byala restaurants. One of the closest airports to the resort center is Burgas (Sarafovo) Airport which is approximately 2 hours away and Varna Airport which is about 1 hour away. You can travel to the resort by taxi, bus and by car rental.
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