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The quiet town of Burhaniye lies on the Aegean coast in the fertile plains of Balikesir between Mounts Ida and Madra. It manifests ancient traces of Misyan, Lydian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilazations. Known originally as “Taylieli” and then “Kemer,” it was renamed after Prince Burhanettin, Sultan Abdulhamit’s son, in the 20th century. The town’s diverse history is displayed in the Burhaniye Kuvayi Milliye Museum, constructed in the mid-nineteenth century.

Burhaniye is famous for its olive trees. Every winter it hosts a three-day Interantional Olive and Olive Oil Festival with locally grown and processed olives and olive oil, traditional food, crafts, folk dance, and musical performances. In the summer, the well-established Burhaniye Oren Tourism Culture and Art Festival draws famous singers, poets, painters, artisans and tourists from Turkey and abroad to celebrate national and local culture.

Nestled among the mountains, the crystal clear water of Oren Beach is a popular spot to dip into the Aegean Sea. The calm natural beauty is a trendy setting for restaurants and bars along the port and surrounding neighborhoods. The clean air of green mountains invites hikers and treckers to explore. The Mediterranean climate of Burhaniye boasts hot summers and mild, sometimes rainy winters. The closest airport is the Balikesir Koca Seyit Airport, about a ten-minute drive to town.

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