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Bromma, which is situated in the western part of Stockholm, Sweden, is undoubtedly one of the settlements of the country that has most interesting structures. In addition to its historical texture and natural beauties admired by all its visitors, there are also many places to visit and lots of activities to do in Bromma.

Along the beach (Alvik’s Beach) located near Alvik, there are many hiking trails that offer exquisite views as well as many accommodation facilities, entertainment and eating places. Ulvsunda Castle (Ulvsunda slott), which is one of the buildings identified with Bromma, was built in 1647 by one of Lennart Torstensson's distinguished Swedish generals from the Thirty Years' War. This historical castle has great importance in terms of the Thirty Years' War that is also known as the beginning of the period of the Swedish Empire. It was used as a training and conference center after the restoration work in the 1970s and then it was used as a hotel.

Brommahöjden that is located in the very heart of Bromma is one of the flamboyant modern architectures in Sweden. This 16-storey building was also awarded as the Building of the Year of Stockholm in 2010. The history of Åkeshov Castle (Åkeshovs slott), which is located very close to the Judarskogen Nature Preserve, dates back to the 17th century. The castle, which was built in 1640 and named after its owner, Åke Axelsson Natt och Dag, had been home to many royal families for centuries. Just like the Ulvsunda Fortress, it was bought by a private company in the 20th century after serving a large number of social purposes, and it became a hotel and conference center in the 1980s.

The Judarskogen Nature Preserve (Nature Reserve), which was founded in 1995 and is a first in Stockholm, is situated near the Åkeshov Castle. You can walk in the virgin forest and enjoy the picnic and barbecue in the Judarskogen Nature Preserve, which attracts the visitors with its wide variety of rich flora and fauna. The Ljunglöf Fortress (Ljunglöfska slotteti), which was built in the year 1861, is named after its owner, Knut Ljunglöf, and today it serves as a conference center.

The Bromma Church (Bromma kyrka), which dates back to the 12th century, is one of the oldest buildings in Sweden. Unlike other churches in Sweden, this historical building has a white exterior with unique details, and it is one of the most impressive churches not only in Sweden, but also in Europe. The city can be easily reached by flights from Bromma Airport and the city transportation is highly developed.

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