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About Boracay

Being accepted as one of the most popular tropic islands of the world, Boracay is a small island that is one-hour flight away to Manila, the capital of Philippines. Boracay is divided into 3 regions called “station”.

Boracay is a real holiday paradise with its white beaches and crystal clear water. White Beach is the most popular spot of the island with its around-4 kilometre length and therefore, its surrounding is also the most touristic and vibrant area of the island. Boracay visitors find more than what they are looking for in this island that has a perfect combination of the trio of sun, sand and sea. Boracay also gives you the opportunity to experience various activities. Water sports, especially kite surfing, are very popular in the island. Moreover, windsurfing, scuba diving, golf, horse riding, jet ski, parasailing, boat tours are some other activities that you can try in the island.

Apart from any other island famous for the sea holiday concept, Boracay has a vibrant nightlife till dawn and has various places for everyone looking for different types of entertainment. Station 1 and 2 are more vibrant in terms of nightlife in the island.

Bat Cave is a tourist attraction that you can only visit with tours and you can watch the bats in their home. It is recommended to wear sneakers since you can reach the cave along a really challenging path. D’mal is a shopping mall in which you can find anything you might need. Moreover, Boracay has a cuisine rich in seafood, therefore, you should not hesitate to try new tastes.

Mainly tricycles (motorcycles along with two-seaters) are used for the transportation in the island. It is also possible to rent these vehicles. Since Boracay has tropical climate, the seasons are divided into two: dry and rainy. Dry season is between November and May, during which the island attracts tourists the most in a year. In Boracay, in which the humidity rate is high all year round, the average temperature is around 27°C.

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