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Bophut, which is located between Chaweng and Maenam in the north of Koh Samui, consists of a coast situated in the west and a fishing village. The beach region, where the old Chinese stores of the fishing village were restored and turned into bars, restaurants and galleries, is mostly preferred by the honeymoon couples looking for romance. The beach which is one of the most ideal places for watching the sunset is very shallow for swimming. For this reason, you need to join boat tours for scuba-diving or snorkeling. Blacktip sharks are one of the most exciting surprises that you will come across during diving.

Bophut is one of the rare places that have succeeded in protecting the original culture of Koh Samui. This place glamourizes everyone with its texture which is still natural since it is not allowed to construct a building higher than the trees on its 2-km long white sandy beach shadowed with palm and coconut trees. You can rent a jet ski for discovery or enjoy go-kart for an entertaining activity. Spa and Thai massage are also among the favorite activities of this fishing village. On Friday evenings, you can watch live performances or street concerts at every corner. The market selling foods and clothes is among the places where you will enjoy spending time. The golden statue of the Big Buddha Temple, which is located in the east and 6 kilometers of Bophut, Mummified Monk Temple and Nuan Naram Temple are among the interesting points where history meets culture. Iconic rock formations known as Grandma and Grandpa, snake and tiger farms are also among the interesting places to visit. In this fishing village, you can swim in many waterfalls particularly Namuang Waterfall. The distance between Bophut and Samui Airport is only 15 minutes by taxi or bus.

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