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About Bohinjska bistrica

Bohinjska Bistrica is the administrative centre in the region of Slovenia, which it is also known by. Surrounded by mountains of extraordinary beauty, the city is one of the main places to visit for those who love nature sports. In Bohinjska Bistrica and the surrounding area you can see the Bohinj Lake, which has fascinated many visitors with its magnificent views. You will pass over the old bridges built over the Kamniska Bistrica River which is another natural wonder of the region. In the economic and cultural life of the region, the railway connection has an important place. The railway has been actively used for both trade and public transport for a long time. If you have a few more days in Bohinjska Bistrica you can visit the museum which is full of cultural and historical heritages. The documents in the museum especially from the period of World War II and the works related to railway transportation are very interesting. If you are interested in historical artifacts, especially from the Roman period, you will have a chance to examine many parts of antiquity in the region. Those who want to experience an exciting adventure in nature can enjoy many exciting and adrenalinous activities such as climbing, hiking and cycling. In spring and summer you can go canoeing, sailing, fishing and swimming in the lake. In summer you can take a shuttle from the center to get to the lake or you can reach the area by bike in about 40 minutes via the scenic roads. You can travel to Bohinjska Bistrica by public transport from different parts of the country. The airport is located in the capital of the country which is the nearest airport to the region. Other options of how you can travel to Bohinjska Bistrica are by flying to Trieste and Venice in Italy and then taking a bus or train. Springtime is one of the best times to visit Bohinjska Bistrica. The Spring Flower Festival is organised to celebrate the revival of nature is taking place during this time. Those who visit the area in winter can enjoy the snow and winter sports in the surrounding ski resorts.
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