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Bodh Gaya, which is a city located in the Indian state of Bihar, is considered as the pilgrimage center of the Buddhists. The city is a holy place for Buddhists since it is believed that Gautama Buddha attained nirvana here. Included in UNESCO World Heritage List, the Mahabodhi Temple is the most important temple of the city. The temple is home to the diamond throne called Vajrasana, the holy Bodhi tree under which Buddha meditated, lotus pond and meditation garden.

In the city, there are many temples specific to the cultures of many different countries such as China, Japan, Thailand and Tibet. You shouldn’t forget that you cannot enter the temples with shoes and you should wear clothes covering your shoulders and knees when visiting the temples. Bodh Gaya welcomes a great number of tourists throughout the year and you shouldn’t forget that this city isn’t a classical tourist destination. The city, which has many places of worship, has a mystic and spiritual atmosphere. You can see many worshipping people in the city. For this reason, a deep respect is waited from all visitors.

History enthusiasts can visit the Barabar Hill Caves which are the oldest surviving rock cut caves in India. These caves, which are among the places to visit, are located 20 kilometers of the city center. In Bodh Gaya, the temperature varies between 19 and 30 degrees throughout the year. December and May are considered as the arid period and rainfall isn’t observed. Tropical rains are seen from the beginning of June until the end of September especially in July and August.

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