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Bialka Tatrzanska is located in the southern Poland and is very close to the Slovakia border. The highest point of the town is Kaniowka at an altitude of 735 meters above sea level and is 20 kilometers from Zakopane which is also a tourist town. Bialka Tatrzanska was founded in the 17th century and used as the Polish - Hungarian border town until 1918 and is now one of the most popular ski and extreme sports paradise resorts of both the country and the continent. There is snow in the resort from October through to May. During these months you can go on snowmobiles and enjoy skiing and snowboarding. In the spring and summer, when the snow melts, you can enjoy the nature of the area by cycling the slopes and hiking up the mountains. The population of the resort is increasing with the all tourists coming from Poland and the neighbouring countries especially in the winter time. There are three ski centers in the resort called Kaniowka, Kotelnica and Bania, which are located on the edge of the Bialka River and has been choosen as the best ski resort in Poland several times. For skiing and snowboarding, the slopes are more than 18 kilometers long, there are a number of ski lifts and 19 lifts connected to each other. There is a spa with modern geothermal pools that you can relax in after skiing. Approximately 2500 meters squared total water surface the Terma Bania facilities are known for their water resources being at a temperature of 72 degrees. Theres an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and the complex has a large area with such things as slides, artificial waves, restaurants, bars. You can have fun with your children and if you wish you can have the quiet and relaxation in the different sections. You can experience the comfort of both in the aqua park and tranquil spa. The hills of the resort are a favourite for paragliders and you can see great views from the sky. Bialka Tatrzanska is known for its interesting monuments as well as its winter sports. The Baroque-style Apostles Church, dating back to the 1700s when the town was founded, is the most important structure of the resort. The nearest international airport to Bialka Tatrzanska is John Paul II International Airport in Krakow which is 80 kilometers away. You can travel to the resort by bus, taxi, uber or by renting a car.
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