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About Bergamo

Located in Lombardy Region in the northwest of Italy, Bargamo is divided into two parts: Citta Alta and Citta Bassa, meaning Down Town and Up Town respectively. While Citta Bassa  is a young and modern residential area, Citta Alta is a historic area surrounded by city walls dating back to 16. century.

The gates of San Agostino, San Lorenzo, San Giacomo, and San Alessandro are located  at each side of the city walls surrounding the old city region; Citta Alta and are one of the top must-see places in the city. Some other important places worth seeing in Citta Bassa are as follows: Citadella, which is  a citadel built by the Dukes of Milano in 14. century, and  The Museum of  Natural Sciences in this citadel, the chateau called Rocca that was also built in the same era, Piazza Vecchia that could survive till now by protecting its historic features, the city hall “Palazzo della Ragione” dating back to 12. century, The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Baptistery (Battistero) with its octagonal facade, and Botanical Garden "Lorenzo Rota".

Guesthouses built along the main roads for nobles in 19. century, an ideal place for shopping; Via 20 Settembre, and The Carrara Academy of Fine Arts are among the top places to visit in Citta Bassa area.

As in the rest of Northern Italy, the humid semitropical climate is seen in Bergamo.  The city is pretty rainy throughout the year, especially during summer season. Whereas the temperature rises up to 29° C in summer, it drops to 3°C during winter.

Classical music has an important role in the culture of Bergamo. There have been music education and concerts in the church of Santa Maria Maggiore for almost 1000 years. Therefore, it is highly recommended to the visitors of Bergamo to spend at least one evening listening to classical music here. Besides, the visitors with plenty of time can also visit Milano, located 40 kilometres away from Bergamo. Since the Italians have a rich and delicious cuisine, the tourists are also recommended to prefer regional cuisine here in Bergamo as well.

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