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About Benoni

Benoni, located within the borders of Republic of South Africa, which is also known as South Africa, is one of the small and old settlements of the country. Benoni, which has made a name for itself with its gold mining activities throughout the history, has also improved in agriculture and animal husbandry in the following years. Today, industrial products and service sector have an important place in the regional economy.

Transport to Benoni, which has a runway that can be used by the visitors traveling by helicopter, is usually provided by the highway. There is also a small museum in the area where you can find a better chance to find out the local culture. You can come across many large and small lakes around Benoni, called the "City of Lakes". With an interesting design in the form of a ship, Lakeside Shopping Center welcomes the visitors who want to do shopping while wandering about.

The city, which hosted the WOMAD Festival during the 1990s, became the shining star of the region in art, dance and music. During this period, Benoni, warmly welcame many celebrities from inside and outside South Africa, is also the birthplace of Charlize Theron, Oscar winning actress. Many films and videoclips were filmed in the region, which hosted famous singers and even the Princess of Monaco for a while. The Town Hall, built in 1937, is a great example of the art deco-style architecture in the region.

You can get to Benoni very easily if you fly to O.R Tambo International Airport in the northwest of the region. Transportation alternatives such as taxi, UBER and rental car are widely used in the region.

You will have the chance to taste the dishes of the Republic of South Africa with a variety of spices of fresh herbs in Benoni, which is also very good in terms of eating and drinking alternatives. The region is safe in general. However, you should keep in mind that you need to be careul in some areas, especially at wee hours of the night.

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