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About Belfort

Belfort is a small town located in the northeast of France, close to the Swiss border. It is the capital and largest city of the Territoire de Belfort, in between Lyon and Strasbourg. The city is located on the natural route of the Belfort Gap, formed by the Rhine and Rhone, which is strategically important. The city dates back to the 13th century and was connected to the Habsburg dynasty during the Middle Ages and it was the dynasty’s outpost for 3 centuries. The city was relinquished to France after the Thirty Years’ War. The city suffered the Nazi occupation during World War II but was set free as the result of the withdrawal of Nazi soldiers on November 22, 1944. Belfort’s economy is based on heavy industry and machinery production and the energy and railway sector.

The city is home to one of Europe’s large energy and rail transport companies. The Lion of Belfort, which has become the symbol of the city, was made by world-renowned French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, who also created the Statue of Liberty. Made in the 1880’s, of red sandstone, the Lion of Belfort is situated on the cliffs of the Belfort castle and at 22 m long and 11 m wide it is a magnificent piece of art. In addition to the lion you can also visit the underground hall in which the lion was created and Bartholdi’s studio. Other sites to visit in the city include the magnificent Porte de Brisach, one of the gates accessing the citadel, and St. Christopher’s Cathedral, made from pink sandstone. Belfort has a hot and temperate climate. The EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg is located 60 km east of the city center. 

Weather in Belfort

DayMin - Max
SundayMin 13ºC - Max 24ºC
MondayMin 16ºC - Max 30ºC
TuesdayMin 18ºC - Max 23ºC
WednesdayMin 15ºC - Max 26ºC
ThursdayMin 17ºC - Max 27ºC

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