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Bayan Lepas is a town close to the southeastern tip of Penang Island in Malaysia. The town, which was established in the 19th century, began developing after the construction of Penang Airport in 1935. Bayan Lepas, which is home to many multinational companies with its region called East Silicon Valley, has many treasures for nature, history and culture enthusiasts. According to an urban legend, Bayan Lepas was named after a wealthy Sumatran family who founded the town in the late 19th century. Upon coming ashore, their parakeet escaped. For this reason, the name Bayan Lepas means 'escaped parakeet' in Malay.

The Snake Temple, which is the only Chinese temple in the world that has become the habitat of snakes, was built in the 1850s. This temple, which is the focus of Chinese New Year celebrations, is among the places to visit. Kek Lok Si Temple, which you may want to see in Chinese New Year, is also one of the largest Chinese temples in Bayan Lepas. You can enjoy the day here thanks to the wonderful views and the restaurants in the vicinity.

Penang War Museum is located in Batu Muang on the southeastern tip of the Penang Island. The castle, which was turned into a museum in 2002, is among the places to visit with its shelters belong to the British Army, tunnels and special military equipment. In Bayan Lepas, which is famous for its spas and thermal facilities, you can set aside time for yourself and your loved ones.

In Bayan Lepas, you can find delicious vegetables, fruits and fresh seafood. There are many elegant restaurants in Bayan Lepas. However, it is also possible to find budget-friendly places in the town.

In Bayan Lepas, where the average temperature rarely changes, humidity and rains are among the factors affecting the comfort of your travel. For this reason, if you want to visit the town in a hot and arid season, you should prefer April, May and June months.

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