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Balatonlelle is located 136 km away from Budapest, on the southern coast of Lake Balaton in Somogy County of Hungary. Balatonlelle became a culture and entertainment town after Budapest started discovering the useful effects of Lake Balaton. The town was classified as a town of well-being and named as Balatonlelle in 1928. Founded on the coast of famous Lake Balaton in Hungary, the town has magnificent sceneries and attracts many tourists. Lelle is one of the significant places in Balatonlelle, which is known for its intense water traffic. The town succeeded in protecting its cultural values and it is also popular with its hospitability.

Balatonlelle provides the visitors with a public beach longer than 2 kilometers on the southern coast of the Hungarian Sea. Shallow and getting deeper slowly, the sea is especially by the families with children. You can play sports such as water football, beach volleyball, surfing and tennis on the public beach. Some other activities to perform in Balatonlelle are spending time in the healing thermal waters of Lake Balaton, experiencing the Hungarian cuisine and cycling by the lake. You can reach the town by train, bus or a private car following the Balaton highway.

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