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About Ayvalik

Ayvalık, one of Turkey's most popular holiday centers, is also a town of the Balikesir Province. Ayvalık, which has been an important settlement from antiquity to the present day, is filled with tourists, especially in the summer months. The town's original Greek name is 'Kidonia', which means quince. Ayvalik  is one of the most ideal destinations for enjoying both sea and sun in Turkey with its magnificent sea, sandy beaches, and natural beauty. As for climate, the winters are cool and temperate and the summers are hot and dry.

The region is convenient for visits during any time of the year. However, it is quite crowded during the busy summer season. The last days of spring and fall time are ideal periods for visiting Ayvalik. Ayvalık, known for its world famous olives, offers a myriad of delicacies prepared with olive oil. You can also buy famous locally-produced olive oil as a souvenir. Located on the banks of the Ayvalık coast, Cunda Island is home to fishermen, local souvenirs, small shops and charming narrow streets.

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