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About Avellaneda

The history of Avellaneda, which is a port city in the south of Buenos Aires province in Argentina, dates back to the 1850s. The city, which has become an important industrial and commercial center for the country over time, is connected to the state of Buenos Aires with many bridges crossing the Riachuelo River.

The city is an important market for the country's economy and it is also the center of wholesale and retail in Buenos Aires. The city has a moving industry thanks to farm products, grain processing, textile factories, metallurgical plants and oil refineries. In addition, modern public transport networks are widely used in the city including buses and rail systems that provide transportation to the province. The reason of the dynamic tourism in the city is that it is home to the most famous football teams of Argentina, which are Club Sportivo Dock Sud, Independiente and Racing clubs. Social life is also fast in the city where the stadiums are full during the football match seasons. In Avellaneda that is a rich city in terms of theaters, museums and exhibitions, you can take a walk on the open-air art market of the Museum of Fine Arts-Caminito, while you can learn about history at the Passion Museum Boquense. The Museum of Caminito is one of the best city points for watching free tango shows. The Avellaneda Nature Reserve is an area where you can encounter plants and animals living in the area. While you can enjoy the silence, you also meet the nature of the city. Together with the national university established in 2009, young population has increased, and Avellaneda, where there are many colorful streets with restaurants and bars, has become an active city that does not sleep.

If you prefer an air travel to visit the city, the nearest airport is Jorge Newbery Airport, which has international and domestic flights and is located about 14 kilometers away from the center of Avellaneda.

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