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About Atambua

Atambua is located in Timor Island, Indonesia. Although it is located on the equatorial climatic belt, it is relatively warm because it is 350 meters above sea level and is founded in a river basin. The temperature is measured at an average of 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius throughout the year. The city always has a moist air. The city is exposed to heavy rains and storms during the rainy season.

In Atambua, people from different ethnic backgrounds live together and different languages ​​are spoken. With the influence of the Atambuan Roman Catholic bishops in the city 95% of the local people have a Catholic Christian belief; a fact that contradicting with the rest of Indonesia where that the vast majority of people are Muslims. Atambua does not have a university, but there are many primary and high school education institutions. Most of them are Catholic schools based on religious education.

Public transport in the city is provided by minibuses called bemo or microlet. These vehicles, working on four separate routes, link the main points of the city. Motorbike taxis, called ojek, are often used to reach places outside the minibus routes. Transportation is cheap in the city, but tourists have to be careful about the fees. Especially in the use of taxi and motorbike taxi price bargaining to deal with the driver in advance is recommended. The surrounding cities can be reached by bus. The airport which is 5 kilometers away from the city center is used for further distances. The city also has two ports. One is used for trade and transportation purposes while the other serves for passenger transport and the ferries go to Kalabahi depart from here once a week.

Fulan Fehan Savanna is a region that is 26 kilometers outside of the city. The highest point of the entire island, the land is ideal for nature walk. But what makes the region so special is that you can see the entire west coast of Timor Island and some of the eastern part of the island from here, and you can observe the natural environment of wild horses. You can see historical monuments, which are called as the Seven-Layer Castle in the very vicinity. In the middle there is a ball dating from the colonial period of Portugal and seven separate stone walls are being built to reach the castle. The tombs of the king are also in this circle. Mauhalek Waterfall, a hidden beauty in untouched nature, is worth seeing. While it offers a beautiful setting for picnics and hiking in the dry season, the waterfall takes on a different beauty in the rainy season.

Transportation to Atambua City Center from Airport


A.A. Bere Tallo Airport

Atambua Airport is located approximately 20 kilometers south of the city center. Transportation to the city center from the airport, which is home to many domestic and international visitors every year, is provided by taxi or renting a car. At the airport, there are points to rent a car, telephone booths, a small store as well as eating and drinking areas. You can visit the tourist information desk at the airport in order to get information about the city.

Hotel Shuttle

Since there are not many transportation options in Atambua, hotel shuttles, which pick up passengers from Atambua Airport, offer a comfortable travel for the passengers until their hotels. You need to get in contact with your hotel and make a reservation in advance if you want to use this option.

Car Rental

You can rent a car by visiting one of the car rental offices offering service at the airport and get to the city center in a short time. Since there is not much distance between the airport and the city center, renting a car is among the most preferred options. Traveling between short distances makes car rental an ideal alternative. When you take the road from the airport, you can reach the city center in 20 - 25 minutes by following the signs directing you to the city center.


Thanks to the taxis waiting for their passengers at the exit of Atambua Airport, you can easily travel to the city center. Since the means of public transportation are not generally preferred, visitors choose taxis for travelling to the city center from the airport. Before getting on the taxi, you can talk to the driver and agree on the fare.


Buses are also among the options that can be used for travelling to the city center although they don’t depart at frequent intervals. You can reach the city center by using the buses which depart every hour from the airport.

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