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About Argyle

Argyle is a small Australian city is located on the north-west of the continental country Australia, far from major cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Known for its rich diamond deposits and mines, this city is reputable thanks to this precious stone. Local people who usually trade diamonds or work in the service sector live in the city. Although not very developed in terms of tourism, there are natural beauties that can be seen around the city. If you are on your way to Argyle, you can see all the beauties of Australian rural life, or you can easily find and try local tastes unlike big cities.

Transportation to Argyle City Center from Airport


Argyle Airport

After landing at Argyle Airport, which is located in a close distance to Lake Argyle center, you can get on a taxi or rent a car at the airport in order to reach the city. Another alternative is to benefit from transfer services.


You can prefer getting on a taxi for travelling to the city center from Argyle Airport as soon as possible. You can use the airport taxis carrying you to the city center from the airport directly or you can use the taxis operating under private taxi companies.

Car Rental

We advise you to make a little search about the car rental companies before renting a car at Argyle Airport. In this way, you can get preliminary information about the prices and make a pre-reservation by choosing one of the companies. If you make a reservation in advance, you can receive your car at Argyle Airport within a few minutes and get to the center of Lake Argyle in a short time.

Weather in Argyle

DayMin - Max
WednesdayMin 13ºC - Max 18ºC
ThursdayMin 12ºC - Max 14ºC
FridayMin 10ºC - Max 15ºC
SaturdayMin 15ºC - Max 17ºC
SundayMin 16ºC - Max 19ºC

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