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About Argyle Downs

Argyle Downs is a land in North Australia that is located in the Kimberley region, and is particularly used for cattle-breeding. The settlement on the banks of Argyle Lake is taking its name from the lake. Spreading over a thousand square miles, Argyle Downs has a very fertile soil. At Argyle Downs, which is also a horse breeding site, thousands of live cattle are exported to the Southeast Asian market every year. The land has its own airport which is working on a lease procedure.

The Argyle Downs Homestead Museum is located in the area as a detailed museum on the lives, dreams and adventures of active people during the development and formation of this land.

At Arygle Downs even during the winter months of June, July and August, the daytime temperature rarely drops below 30 degrees Celsius. During October, November and December the temperature is measured around 40 degrees Celsius. There is an average difference of 10-15 degrees between the night and the daytime temperature in every season of the year.

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