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About Argaka

Argaka is a fishing town that lies to the hills on the western shore of Cyprus. This region between Pomos and Latchi is a center of attraction for tourists thanks to its calm, unhurried state with shops, cafes and taverns. The beach is sandy, where you can hang out under the sun all day, and the sea is clear and relaxing in the high season with its warm water. You can spend time in the clear waters of Blue Lagoon, which you can reach with boat tours. Other bays and beaches where you can enjoy the sea are Crystal Marine, Paradise Beach, Asprokemnos and Akamas Peninsula.

Secluded villages, Byzantine churches and magnificent landscapes are waiting for you, no matter what your choice is for travelling, cycling or hiking, to explore the hills of Argaka. For example, you can see the Caledonia Falls with a walk to the Troodos Mountains. When you walk towards the waterfall, be sure to check out the stunning medieval wall paintings at Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis Church and take a break in the village of Kakopetria. Adonis Nature Park is one of the hiking and recreation areas that you should give a chance to visit. The 7-kilometer course is at the basic level of difficulty, but the landscapes and ancient ruins you see are tremendous. Gialia Monastery, which is located within the pine forests and you can reach by a good walk, is a Medieval Georgian Orthodox Monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

You can find a great many restaurants and fish restaurants in Argaka. There are quite familiar appetizers and fresh fish among local dishes. In Argaka, where you can find good examples of fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisine, you should not forget to try street tastes. The period between May and October is the best time to travel to Argaka where a typical Mediterranean climate is dominated.

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