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Located in Romania's Banat region, Arad is an important industrial and transportation center. With a population of 160,000 Arad is the country's 3rd largest city in the western region. Due to its geography, the city recieves a lot of rain - nearly 672 mm per year.

On a more interesting note, Arad is also a city that is filled with historical architecture. These include the St. Anthony of Padua Church, the Arad Orchestra, Cetatea Soimos, the National Theatre, City Hall, Primaria Veche Arad, the Statue of Liberty (not the same as NYC's), and the Lipova ruins. 

Arad is a city of culture and tradition, and also a place where you can try regional Romanian cuisine. The varities of sweet and salty puff pastries are especially delicious. Fish also plays an important role in the dishes of the region. For shopping, you can find many interesting products in the local indoor and outdoor markets of the area. Arad Airport provides transportation to the city.

Weather in Arad

DayMin - Max
SundayMin 28ºC - Max 39ºC
MondayMin 27ºC - Max 40ºC
TuesdayMin 24ºC - Max 39ºC
WednesdayMin 25ºC - Max 35ºC
ThursdayMin 25ºC - Max 36ºC

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