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About Aracaju

Aracaju is the capital and largest city of Sergipe state in northeastern Brazil. Aracaju draws attention in Brazil with its modern look and modern lifestyle. In accordance with the plan of this city, the city's coastal neighborhoods are provided with city services such as specially built luxury hotels, banks, hotels, nightclubs and restaurants. In addition to these, there are recreation areas such as playgrounds, football, and volleyball and basketball fields.

The festival and the pre-festival entertainment are attracting a lot of attention. Aracaju's economy is based on processing and production sugar cane, fuel oil found around the city, and beach tourism, which has developed more recently. Located near the city the colonial towns "Laranjeiras" and "São Cristóvão" are among the sights worth seeing. In addition, the city has a warm climate, with an average annual temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, and the city receives rainfall between March and August.

Weather in Aracaju

DayMin - Max
FridayMin 24ºC - Max 29ºC
SaturdayMin 23ºC - Max 28ºC
SundayMin 23ºC - Max 28ºC
MondayMin 23ºC - Max 28ºC
TuesdayMin 22ºC - Max 27ºC

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