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About Anderlecht

Anderlecht, which is located in the south of Brussels, is known as one of the oldest settlements of the country. The population of Anderlecht is around 120 thousand. In the city, both French and Dutch languages are used as official languages. There are many places to visit in the region especially Saint Peter and Collegial Church of Saint Guido that are located in the center of Anderlecht. The year of built of the church located in the north of Place de la Vaillance dates back to the 11th century. The historical museum, which is located next to Collegial Church and sheds light on the history of the city, is definitely worth seeing.

Places to visit in the city include the Erasmus House built in 1458, the National Museum of the Resistance, which gives information about the history of Belgian and German occupation during the Second World War, the Museum of China - Scheut which is home to many pieces of work including the 15th-century bronze Buddha, Cantillon Brewery, the Museum of Medicine located in the campus of Université libre de Bruxelles, Jean-Claude Van Damme statue located on the Boulevard Sylvain Dupuislaan near the Westland Shopping Center, the Maurice Carême Museum where the famous Belgian poet lived and wrote, the Luizenmolen, a replica of an old windmill.

Since Anderlecht, which is one of the 19 municipalities of the Brussels Region of Belgium, is close to other European cities, you can add other destinations in Schengen region to your holiday plan. The Erasmus House, which is one of the most attractive points of Anderlecht, was built in 1468 and gained its today’s look with the expansion works conducted in 1515. We recommend you to visit this house in company with a guide. The house holds documents and objects unveiling the mystery of those periods behind the brick walls. In the white room on the upper floor of the house, you can closely see the original book of the Praise of Folly.

Porte de Hal, which is located between Brussels and St-Gilles, is the most fascinating medieval palace of Belgium. There are exhibitions regarding the traditions and history of Brussels in the palace which evokes admiration with its old fortifications. You can also do shopping from the flea market called Les Marolles which is located between Notre Dame de la Chapelle and Hal Gate.

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