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Alsancak, also known as Karava, is a town in Cyprus, located near the popular resort city of Kyrenia. Alsancak, which attracts attention with its extraordinary beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, is swarmed with the tourists who want to have a holiday especially during the summer months starting from spring.

You can fly to Ercan Airport to reach Alsancak, which is about 10 kilometers away from the city center of Kyrenia. Please note that you can arrange your transportation between the airport and the city center by renting a car, taking a taxi or arranging transfer service provided by private services in advance.

The eye-catching beaches are waiting for those who are going to travel to Alsancak for summer holiday. One of the most enjoyable activities to do here is undoubtedly to sail for the Mediterranean during the day. You can spend some time in Kyrenia's little bazaar or go down to the harbor to see the historical Kyrenia Castle.

Planning your travel route, you should definitely make room for Saint Hilarion Castle. Bellapais Monastery, where you can reach by car in a very short time, is one of the must-see places for Alsancak visitors who are interested in historical monuments. Many parts of the old monastery stand today and embrace the visitors of the Cyprus.

During your trip to Alsancak, you can dine at one of the scenic restaurants along the harbor. You should definitely taste the peach kebab, one of the delicacies unique to the island, delicious fish from the beaches of Kyrenia, and the appetizers flavored with various ingredients.

If you have enough time, you can reach the end of the island, the Karpaz peninsula, after strolling around Alsancak and its surroundings. Also, it is a priceless experience to witness how the golden sands meet turquoise blue waters in this region, which is home to the virgin and cleanest bays of Cyprus.

If you are interested in diving, you should include scuba diving or snorkelling in your options to enjoy the underwater world of the coasts of Cyprus.

After spending the daytime by strolling around the nearby castles and monasteries, you can have an enjoyable night at the bars and clubs. The nightlife in Alsancak comes to life in the discos located in luxury hotels. Moreover, if you are lucky enough, you may come across the concerts performed by famous singers at the hotels in Cyprus and have fun moments.

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