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Almancil, which is located in Algarve Region in the south of Portugal, is a holiday destination which has been able to grow fast thanks to the tourism investments and its hot climate experienced throughout the year. Almancil, which is only 15 minutes drive away from Faro Airport, is also very close to Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago. For this reason, the region is known as the Golden Triangle. Almancil is a popular tourist destination since it has first class dishes and golf courses which are perfect for golf enthusiasts.

Wonderful structures and churches are among the points to visit for culture tourism lovers. The Church of São Lourenço is one of these structures to visit in the city. The church, which has survived until today from 1730, fascinates its visitors with its architecture and blue tiles called azulejo. São Lourenço Cultural Center which is located next to the church is home to art galleries and music events.

The golf courses and the tennis academy are also waiting for their visitors in Vale do Lobo. You should definitely visit these world-famous facilities. Activities that you can do in the nature with your family and loved ones include Water Parks, Karting Amusement Park, horse-drawn tours and off-road tours for those seeking excitement.

Algarve coastline offers a great atmosphere for sea and nature lovers. There are wonderful beaches around Almancil such as Praia do Garrao and Praia do Ancão. It is also possible to enjoy various activities like water ski, jet ski, surfing, wind and kite surfing.

In Almancil, which is home to the local delicacies of the Portuguese cuisine, seafood and many assertive menus from the world cuisine, you need to allocate money and time for the world-famous cafes and restaurants. In addition, you can evaluate more budget-friendly street foods.

Almancil welcomes its visitors with a moderate and hot weather throughout the year. The summer season begins in June and continues until the end of September.

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