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About Alexandra

Alexandra is located in the southern region of New Zealand. Small in terms of both population and surface area, this city has more elderly residents than any city in the country.

The city’s economic liveliness s due to viticulture. The grapes grown here are mainly used for wine-making. There are many local wine brands and boutique wine manufacturers. The locals like beer as much as they like wine, and have local beer-making factories too.

Since 1957, the Flower Festival that takes place in spring is known by its followers. Another reason to visit this city is the summer-long sunny and hot days, thus being known as a summer resort city. As for the winter months, the temperatures are usually measured below 0.

Central Stories Museum and The Art Gallery are listed in places you must see. The Orchid Garden is also an interesting place to visit. Especially finding your way through the labyrinths made of shrubs is quite fun.

Otaga Central Trail Rail attracts the most tourists in the city. Reaching a length of 150 km, trekking, biking and horse riding are of popular activities done along the rail. Every year, more than 10,000 people travel to the trails either alone or with a tour to complete the parkour. Of course, you are not obliged to finish the entire trail. However, even completing a part of this trail witnessing scenery surrounded by nature and taking in the beauty of it can be enough.

Offering different fresh seafood you can’t always find, Alexandra offers its visitors more than one initially anticipated.

Transportation to Alexandra City Center from Airport


Alexandra Airport

When you land at Alexandra Airport, about 4 kilometers from Alexandra city center, you can reach the city center in a maximum of 10 minutes by choosing one of the taxi or car rental alternatives.


It takes no more than 10 minutes to get to the city center from Alexandra Airport by taxi. The main reason why the taxis, which are the most practical method of reaching the city, are the most preferred means of transportation is that they serve 24/7. The fare you pay to go to the city center by taxi from the airport terminal can vary between 10-20 dollars.

Car Rental

The only condition for renting a car from Alexandra Airport is to have an international license. You can rent your car in a short time with your pre-reservation and arrive in Alexandra city center in 7-8 minutes.

Weather in Alexandra

DayMin - Max
TuesdayMin -2ºC - Max 5ºC
WednesdayMin -1ºC - Max 6ºC
ThursdayMin -1ºC - Max 7ºC
FridayMin -1ºC - Max 6ºC
SaturdayMin 0ºC - Max 7ºC

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