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About Aleppo

Syria’s largest city, Aleppo is also one of the oldest settlements in the world. Throughout history the city has been significant because of the Silk Road, which passed through Central Asia and Mesopotamia. Since a large part of the population is Muslim you will hear the call to prayer often. In fact you can visit the Al Khosrofieh Mosque and the Tawhid Mosque. Friday is a holy day in Aleppo, which is a conservative and calm town.

To explore the city, you can start with the Aleppo Citadel, which has hosted many religions and is one of history’s most important venues. It is a large, old castle that reflects Ottoman history quite well. Located in the city, Saint Simeon a unique castle that has survived the test of time. There are also souvenir shops located at the exit of the castle. The Turkish Bath (Hammam Yalbougha al-Nasri) is a great option to relax, featuring a sauna, cold-water bath, and massages.

The National Museum of Aleppo, located in the west of the city, is a historic museum that is home to interesting pieces. The General Park is surrounded by vendors selling roses, candy, and gum and is a great place to rest. Enjoy the park’s natural beauty, filled with greenery, soothing fountains and vibrant lights. The city has many nice restaurants, such as Sissi House (Beit Sissi), Beroea Restaurant, and Al Kommeh; we recommend trying the “fried kibbeh”. Don’t leave the city without trying the Arabic tea, Turkish coffee and delicious baklava. Minibuses and buses make up the public transportation network in Aleppo. The city also features an airport and railway. Aleppo has a cold and temperate climate and it rarely snows. 

Transportation to Aleppo City Center from Airport


Aleppo International Airport

Transportation from the airport to the city center:

Aleppo Airport is just a 15-minute drive from the city center; however, the airport has been closed to civilian airport transport for a while, so you can go to Gaziantep Airport or Hatay Airport through which you can get to Aleppo. There are private companies providing shuttle services at both airports, but this service has been interrupted for a while. You reach Aleppo in just no more than 3 hours by renting a car at the airport. There are 8 car rental companies at Gaziantep Airport, including Sixt, Hertz, and Avis. At Hatay Airport, 3 local companies provide car rental services for the passengers.

Weather in Aleppo

DayMin - Max
TuesdayMin 24ºC - Max 38ºC
WednesdayMin 24ºC - Max 37ºC
ThursdayMin 25ºC - Max 39ºC
FridayMin 26ºC - Max 38ºC
SaturdayMin 26ºC - Max 39ºC

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