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About Alappuzha

Alappuzha, previously known as Alleppey, is one of the famous holiday destinations of India with its untouched nature and canals. Located within the borders of the state of Kerala, the city is a cosmopolis and lies approximately 70 kilometers far from Kochi, the commercial capital of the state.

Thanks to the canals surrounding the region, the city has been developing since the 18th century and it has an excellent climate because it is close to the ocean. Alappuzha, which was selected as the cleanest city of India by the Environment and Science Center in 2016, is one of the oldest planned settlements of the region.

Due to the canals and beaches surrounding the city, Alappuzha is one of the cities referred to as “Venice in the East”. It is also considered among the places where nature and history are unbelievably in harmony with each other. Nehru Trophy Boat Races held in the region every year exhibits a great competition among the participants. The races are organized on Punnamada Lake on the second Saturday of August every year.

Surrounded by the magnificent nature, Alappuzha is very luck in respect of turtles, crabs, fish and other creatures living in water. The region called Kuttanad is among few places under the sea level across the world. 

In Alappuzha, temperatures do not change significantly according to the seasons. In the region, where the highest temperature is measured around 32-33 degrees, the lowest temperature is generally around 23-24 degrees. Summers are quite humid and hot in the region. Southwestern and northeastern monsoons influence the temperatures to a large extent in the region, which is affected by the monsoon rains periodically.

Most of the people living in Alappuzha, where the total population exceeds 21 million, are Hindu and Christian. Believers of Islam constitute the third most crowded group following the Hindus and Christians.

The economy of Alappuzha is usually based on marine products and agriculture. The fertile agricultural lands in the region are generally in and around Kuttanad. This region is even known as “the Rice Land of Kerala”. Apart from agriculture and marine products, the traditional handcrafts that has continued for centuries still enliven the economy of Alappuzha as in the past. 

Transportation in Alappuzha, which is located over important roads connecting the large cities to one another, is carried out by land route in general. From here, on land route, it is possible to reach the cities like Kannur, Kollam, Mumbai and Mangalore. From Alappuzha, you can go to Kottayam, Kollam and Changanassery via waterways by boat. Besides, journeys via waterway, by boat, provide you with more beautiful landscapes compared to land route.

If you want to fly to Alappuzha, you can arrive at Cochin International Airport, which is located 78 kilometers north of the city. Another similar alternative for travelling by plane can be Thiruvananthapuram International Airport lying approximately 160 kilometers away. You also have the option of traveling from Delhi and Mumbai to the city by train. However, if you consider trains for intercity traveling, do not forget that these vehicles can be much more crowded than you expect in India. If you prefer traveling as short and comfortable as possible, taking an airplane will be best option most probably. 

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