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The history of Akşehir, which is one of the 31 districts of Konya, is important because during Lydian period the city was on the Royal Road. The name was given by a Seljukian sultan who was impressed by a tree with clear white flowers. Continental climate is felt in the city and summer time is hot, winter time is cold and rainy/snowy. The district is one of the rainiest places in Central Anatolia and this makes it possible to grow many different fruits and vegetables. The economy of the district is mainly powered by legume, grain, beet agriculture activities and animal feed production. The most famous character of the city is Nasreddin Hodja, whose anecdotes have been told from generation to generation. Besides Akşehir Lake and mausoleum of Nasreddin Hodja, there are many different works of Turkish-Islamic art from Seljukian era. Some of them are Grand Mosque, Stone Madrasah Masjid, Kızılca Masjid, Kalaycı Masjid, Small Haghia Sophia Masjid, Stone Madrasah that is Archeology Museum today and Hasan Pasha Mosque from Ottoman era. Mountain tourism is also popular in the city and tourists can hunt or make climbing activities. One of the activities that keeps the city alive is Nasreddin Hodja Festival, which has been arranged every year since 1959 and has an international identity.

As Akşehir is the connection point between Europe and Middle East, it is very easy to visit the district by car or by railway. To fly to the region, you can prefer Konya Airport (140 kilometers) or Afyon Airport (108 kilometers). To reach these airports, there are shuttle services from city center. Additionally, you can prefer taxi or minibus.

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