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Akbük, in Aydin's Didim district, is located 23 kilometers from the center of Didim and 45 klometers from Milas-Bodrum Airport. Tourism is very developed in Akbük thanks to its 11 kilometers long coastline and many beaches one with blue-flag. Fisheries also have an important place in the economy of Akbük. The Akbük bay is quite rich in terms of fish varieties. Line fishing is also very common in the area. For this reason it is especially recommended to try the fresh seafood while in Akbük.

Historical Greek Church, serving today as a library and cultural center, is one of the places that should be visited in Akbük. Those who have enough time can also visit Bafa Lake, Priene Ancient City, Apollo Temple and Dilek Peninsula National Park around Akbük. There are also a large number of spa centers near the town.

It is like a classic ritual for the people in the region to go to Saplı Ada, which is only about 100 meters from the shore and is the symbol of Akbük. There is a road, which gave its name to the island, in the shape of a stalk, which connects the island and the mainland and is only 50 -60 cm deep during the ebbs. This is why the island can be reached on foot as well as swimming. The nearby Island of Coal can also be visited.

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