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About Adrasan

Connected to Antalya in the Mediterranean Region, Adrasan is a small holiday town that protects its natural beauty. With its two-kilometre long beach decorated with pine trees, Adrasan is a popular destination for many tourists in the summer months, and home to many resorts.  Since Adrasan is mostly protected area, these are not large or luxury resorts.

Although the locals of Adrasan today, for the most part, depend on tourism for their livelihood, it is still possible to feel the past economic source of citrus farming.

Adrasan is a place where the typical effects of the Mediterranean climate can be clearly observed. It has hot and dry summer months, with warm and wet winter months. Snowfall is a rare occurrence. Although Adrasan gathers the most visitors during June, July and August, the tourist season is actually open from May and continues until the end of October.

Despite being a tourist destination, a calm way of life can be found in Adrasan. There is little, if any, nightlife. Those who like water sports, however, can enjoy activities such as surfing, sailing, water skiing, and diving.

Those wishing to escape from the crowds on the beach can go and explore the many small coves hidden in the coastline. Suluada Island, which lies in the open waters outside the Adrasan peninsula, is definitely worth a visit for its sea and sand that reminds one of the Maldives.

Adrasan Bay is very rich in terms of fish varieties, so you can always find delicious, freshly caught fish in the seafood restaurants of the region.

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