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About Aberdeen

Aberdeen is located in the state of South Dakota in the United States and it is 201 kilometers away from Pierre that is the state capital. The population of the city, which is located in the northeast of the state capital, is approximately 30 thousand people. Aberdeen, which is also one of the 3 most populous cities of the state along with Rapid City and Sioux Falls, is also called as 'the University City'. The reason why the city is called in this way is that some important educational institutions such as Presentation College and Northern State University are located in the city.

Aberdeen, whose first settlers in the history were the Arikara Indians, has attracted the attention of many immigrants coming from Europe since the 1800s. The development of the city has accelerated day by day thanks to the European settlements in the region, and the city has developed gradually in nearly two centuries and gained its current appearance today.

Aberdeen, which is a city under the influence of terrestrial moist climate, is a highly changeable place in terms of air temperatures due to its location. The climate of the city is mostly formed with the help of the river basins and winds located nearby, and it is similar to the climates of other cities in South Dakota. The temperature is generally around 10-11 degrees during the winter months, but it may decrease to negative values on some days and sometimes snowfall may be effective within the region. In hot summer days, you can see 25-26 degrees on thermometers. While travelling to Aberdeen, you should check the weather forecast beforehand and choose the clothes that you will take with you for your visit. If you prefer to stay in the city for more than a few weeks, you should be prepared in case of any sudden temperature changes during your stay. It is better safe than sorry.

The city attracts much attention thanks to its cultural heritage and nature as well as its rich cultural activities. It is also home to many festivals, exhibitions, concerts and shows every year. You can have a good time by attending the activities that are held at the university within the academic year, and you can also see different works and art exhibitions by visiting the galleries. The South Dakota Film Festival, which has hosted many Hollywood stars up till today, can be ranked among the splendid surprises that await visitors who come to the city during the autumn season.

If you prefer to visit Aberdeen in the winter season, you should definitely take part in different activities such as ice skating and hockey. In addition, you can play tennis all year in the city, and spend your time with basketball, rugby, American football and volleyball. The Lake Richmond and its surroundings are among the great choices for those who wish to camp, rest or spend hours all alone with nature.

Transportation to Aberdeen City Center from Airport


Aberdeen Regional Airport

Aberdeen Airport is located in the South Dakota region. You can easily reach the city center from the airport by taking a taxi and bus or by renting a car. If you are planning to visit the city center, you can take the road by renting a car from the car rental offices at the airport.


You can reach the city center from Aberdeen Airport in about half an hour by taxi. The traffic condition should be taken into consideration before you take the road. Taxi service from the airport to the city center varies between 55 – 70 Dollars on average. You can bargain with the taxi driver about the fare before you board the taxi. Most of the taxis in the airport are at your service 24/7.

Hotel Shuttle Services

During your hotel reservation, it would be useful for you to check if your hotel offers transfer services between the airport and the hotel. If they provide the transfer service, you can easily reach your hotel from the airport. The airport transfer option can be especially preferred if the number of passengers and luggage is high.  There are even special discounts for crowded passenger groups. You can request information directly from your hotel about the transfer service.

Rent a car

Renting a car is one of the most preferred transportation options to reach the city center from the airport. Around the airport, there are many car rental companies that you can rent a car. Before your flight, you can make a reservation by contacting a car rental company or you can ask your hotel to help you with this.


You can reach the city center in a short time thanks to the bus station near the airport. You can easily get tickets that apply 10% discount during reservation at the agencies throughout the terminal. Ticket prices vary between 5 and 20 Dollars. It is necessary to get information from the bus companies about bus services in advance in order not to confuse bus routes and departures.

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