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About Aalst

With a population around 77 thousand, Aalst is located in East Flandre, one of the cities in Flemish province, in the northwest of Belgium. Located between Gent and Brussels, on the side of Dendre River, Aalst is one of the most touristic towns of Belgium. This town has become popular for its various and interesting museums, art galleries, impressive gothic monuments and festivals held every year. Moreover, it is much more affordable compared to the other cities in terms of food and accommodation. There are various souvenir shops in Grote Markt, located in the centre of the town, which has 5 different shopping streets. It is possible to see many small and chic boutiques as well as big and worldwide famous brands. Most of the shops are open between 10:00 and 18:00 from Monday to Saturday in Aalst. There are other bazaars open between 8:00 and 13:00 on Saturday as Grote Markt, namely; Nieuwstraat, Korte Nieuwstraat, Hopmarkt, Vredeplein, Vlaanderenstraat, and Keizersplein. In fact, even though Belgium is famous for its chocolate, it also draws attention for its worldwide known café and coffee shops. The places you can go to try the most delicious Belgium chocolate and different types of coffees are: Korte Zoutstraat’taki Bakery De Ridder Wim, Heilig Hartlaan’daki Bakery Lowie, and Nelson BVBA. During the events of Park Concerts, held in July and August every year, concert areas are set up in a different park of Aalst every evening and various artists perform there. Moreover, Aalst Carnival lasts 3 days and the most important feature of it is the fact that it was included in UNESCO Cultural World Heritage List in 2010. Having lots of participants, Cirk! Aalst is one of the most popular summer festivals. This festival is ideal for people of all ages, and what differentiates it from all the other typical summer festivals is its unusual competitions and circus acts with entrance fee.

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