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Greenland is an autonomous region connected to Denmark. Situated north of the Atlantic Ocean, a significant part of the island is covered by a 3 km thick ice sheet. Greenland also holds the title of being the world's largest island in terms of area. The capital city is Nuuk, and another important city is Qaqortoq. 
Greenland's average temperature is closer to -22 degrees Celsius and has a dry climate. The country experiences three months of continuous night and three months of continuous daylight. Visitors during the winter months have the privilege of witnessing the unforgettable Northern Lights despite the cold. In the summer, the country becomes more lively, and most activities take place during this period.
Due to climatic conditions, Greenland has very limited asphalt roads. Helicopters are the primary means of transportation, connecting distant areas. Although there is limited bus transportation in some areas, the most common mode of transportation is sleds pulled by snow dogs. The country has numerous ports, but there are no car ferries.
While European cuisine is mainly consumed in the country, undoubtedly, the most important dishes consist of seafood. In addition to familiar seafood such as fish species and shrimp, you can try unique types like whales. Aside from these flavors, Reindeer meat is also part of the cuisine.
Christmas and New Year celebrations in Greenland witness magnificent scenes. Besides, various winter sports events dominated by winter sports are organized. Snowmobiling is one of the activities experienced by most visitors. Nature walks and mountain climbing is also highly preferred. During your stay, you can take skiing lessons and participate in skiing tours. For adrenaline enthusiasts, heliski tours are organized, where participants are dropped with ski equipment to the top of a mountain and ski down to the foothills.
During your visit to Greenland, consider the weather conditions, and don't forget to pack clothes that will keep you warm, especially given the cold climate.

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